I went to Spain to get cereal

Howdy, it’s Katie. Welcome back to the blog 🙂

Side note : So this post was really overdue I’m sorry I said it would be out last week but just got caught up with school work

So all the students in France just had two weeks of holidays so that meant no school😂. In the first week of the holidays my host family took me to Paris for two days! Paris is amazing and so beautiful , I can’t wait to go back. While in Paris I saw all the famous spots such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arch De Triumph. We also went to the best crepè shop ever! On the first night my host sister , mum and I all saw a famous Belgian singer preform called Angèlè. Her concert was very good and went for 3 hours!. It was all in French however I still had a great Time. On the second day we visited a art museum and then went back home.

The second week of the holidays my host sister and I stayed with her grandparents in Borgue Madame near the border of Spain for the whole week! It was incredible , the mountain range was breath taking! It was so cold however , I would wake up and it would be 0 degrees! On my stay in the mounatins I got to see the snow, go sleighing , saw the cutest dog ever, GOT CHASED BY A ANGRY SWAN and played the French game called “lotto” and it’s like bingo and I won a game! Lotto was really funny and improved my knowlegde of the French numbers. Oh yea and surprise I WENT TO SPAIN?!? On the third day there my host grandma took my to go grocery shopping in Spain to collect cereal and cheese however we found out that cheese was cheaper to purchase back in France. Spain was something else , words can’t describe it’s beauty. We visited the village of Puigeerda. We were only in Spain for half an hour that day but I had already fallen in love with the country. On the second last day we went to explore Puigeerda and have a look around the village and its so gorgeous , all the buildings are beautifully painted and all are still very old and vintage.

With every new I place I vist I fall more in love with traveling. I would like to quickly thank my host family for taking me on this amazing trip !

So here are some questions I have been asked about my exchange so far, if you have anymore comment them below and I will try to answer them the best I can 🙂

Question : what is your favorite food in France?

Answer : crepes! They are so good, you can have them sweet or savory and they are suitable for any meal of the day! Who couldn’t love them?

Question: What’s the hardest part of adapting to a completely different culture and environment ?

Answer : the cultural difference probably has been the hardest thing and the Australian slang aha , my friends at school sometimes have no idea what I say becuase of my accent. Today I was talking about how I was having heaps problems with my shoes and my friend quickly chimed in YOU’RE HAVING HAMSTER PROBLEMS?!? Also I always get strange looks when I say ” arvo “or “maccas “.

Okay that’s all for this blog post, I hope everyone is well and having a good time 🙂 , also this is part one of two posts so today my friends and I went out to the shops and had lunch and I’m going to do a separate post just for that if you want to read it :).


Helen Williamson

Darling it is great to see you are having such a wonderful time,I am so happy that you are having all these adventures to Paris and Spain
Many thanks to your very kind and generous host family for taking such good care of you.
Love you very very much. Nanny xxxooo


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